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Turkey Recipes

Garlic-Aioli Roasted Turkey with Lemon-Parsley Au Jus ...

epicurious - Mon, 11/02/2015 - 08:41
The secret to a gloriously glistening and super-moist turkey? Mayonnaise! We've spiked ours with creamy roasted garlic for a juicy, flavor-packed bird.

Turkey Hash recipe |

epicurious - Mon, 11/02/2015 - 04:31
Used cooked, diced turkey breast; cut it up the night before and left it marinating in some concentrated chicken stock overnight to keep it moist.

Clementine-Salted Turkey with Redeye Gravy recipe ...

epicurious - Mon, 11/02/2015 - 03:26
A little bit of clementine peel adds a citrus note to the turkey. The smoky, slightly bitter southern-style gravy is terrific drizzled over the meat or over mashed ...

Turkey a la King Recipe - - Mon, 11/02/2015 - 01:25
Turkey, peas and mushrooms in a creamy sauce to serve over puff-pastry boats, biscuits, toast or rice.
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The Best Turkey Chili Recipe - - Sun, 11/01/2015 - 19:13
Turkey chili is truly delicious with toppings such as chopped onion, cilantro, chopped bell pepper, cheese, and sour cream.
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Dad's Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Recipe - - Sun, 11/01/2015 - 18:15
Left over turkey meat joins forces with peas, carrots, and green beans in a savory pot pie. The recipe makes 2 pies to feed a good-sized family or to have a pie for ...
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Slow Cooker Turkey Legs Recipe - - Sun, 11/01/2015 - 15:16
If you love the dark meat at Thanksgiving, need a turkey recipe that looks after itself, or just feel like eating Thanksgiving dinner anytime, this super-easy slow ...
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How to Carve a Turkey Like a Champ |

epicurious - Sun, 11/01/2015 - 04:03
Thanksgiving FAQ How to Carve a Turkey Like a Champ. You've gathered the guests, conquered the cocktails, wrangled the side dishes, and roasted one heck of a turkey.

Maple Turkey Brine Recipe - - Sun, 11/01/2015 - 03:49
"This is Dave's favorite brine for Thanksgiving turkey. It can be used on any kind of poultry and pork. It gives a sweet, maple flavor to meats."
Categories: Turkey Recipes - Sat, 10/31/2015 - 21:23
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Categories: Turkey Recipes

Thanksgiving Turkey, Stuffing, Side Dish, and Dessert ...

epicurious - Sat, 10/31/2015 - 18:31
Read Thanksgiving Recipes, Menus, and Cooking Tips - Top-rated recipes for turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes - plus, how-to videos for pie and ...

Turkey Meatloaf recipe |

epicurious - Sat, 10/31/2015 - 17:48
Preparation. Preheat oven to 400°F. Cook onion and garlic in oil in a 12-inch nonstick skillet over moderate heat, stirring, until ...

Citrus-Sage Roast Turkey Breast with Gravy: Small Crowd ...

epicurious - Sat, 10/31/2015 - 15:03
Preparation. Roast turkey breast: Heat oven to 425°F with rack in lowest position. Discard any excess fat from inside turkey cavity. Pat dry inside and out.

Old Man's Turkey Noodle Soup Recipe - - Sat, 10/31/2015 - 08:51
A simple, delicious turkey noodle soup made with drumsticks cooks for a long time for maximum flavor. The noodles are cooked separately and added to the bowls at the end.
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Cajun-Spiced Turkey recipe |

epicurious - Sat, 10/31/2015 - 08:44
Plan at least one day ahead to let the turkey—seasoned with the homemade Cajun Spice Mix—cure overnight.


epicurious - Sat, 10/31/2015 - 07:11
With so many wonderful recipes that use smoked turkey, I was looking to try to smoke a turkey of my own. The result of this recipe was an extremely juicy and lightly ...

How to Buy the Right Size Turkey for Thanksgiving ...

epicurious - Fri, 10/30/2015 - 21:31
How to buy a Thanksgiving turkey that's big enough to yield leftovers.

Turkey Meatballs with Sage and Cranberries recipe ...

epicurious - Fri, 10/30/2015 - 20:41
Share. Share “Turkey Meatballs with Sage and Cranberries” on Facebook; Share “Turkey Meatballs with Sage and Cranberries” on Twitter; Share “Turkey ...

Turkey Chili with White Beans recipe |

epicurious - Fri, 10/30/2015 - 20:34
If you have leftover chili, serve it over turkey franks (or the chicken ones) the next day.

Easy Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Pie Recipe ... - Fri, 10/30/2015 - 19:44
Tasty, fast, and easy describe this pot pie made with cooked turkey meat, canned corn, carrots, and potatoes, and an easy topping made of baking mix.
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